Want to Donate to CHFAF?


Tax Deductible cash donations to our program are possible under the auspices of the Columbia Heights Fine Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.


Please contact us directly if you are interested in donating to our program.


We are selling ad spaces for the program for Steel Magnolias. Contact Tom Peets, Kim Davis or Jonathon Rehlander if you would like to place an ad.

a full page ad is $100.00

a half page ad is $50.00

a quarter page ad is $25.00

a eight of a page ad is $15.00

The Columbia Heights Fine
Arts Foundation is a non-profit
organization created to bring
opportunity and enhance the arts
for the Northeast area. Its
mission is three fold:

•to produce a community theater
production every summer at the
Columbia Heights High School.

•to create, provide, collaborate, and
support arts opportunities in the
Columbia Heights area.

•and to award scholarships to
deserving graduating high school
seniors from Columbia Heights
High School.